18 dead, 189 injured after vehicle crash near Wenling

Nineteen people have died and almost 200 were injured when a tanker carrying liquefied gas exploded on a road in China.

Images from the scene show extensive damage to buildings including rows of shops with their facades blow out.

The truck was travelling through Zheijiang province in south east China on Saturday when the incident happened. About 4.45pm the vehicle exploded on a highway close to the city of Wenling.

The truck was propelled into the air by the force of the initial explosion with a second occurring as it landed on a factory building. One dramatic video, posted online by Chinese government newspaper The People’s Daily, showed what appeared to be the truck hurtling through the sky.

At least 189 people were injured alongside the 19 deaths. Wenling’s deputy mayor, Zhu Minglian was reported as saying that more than 2600 rescue workers were deployed to the site, and efforts were still under way to recover survivors.

Local media outlets have said the company that owned the vehicle had been penalised 11 times over health and safety failures.

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