ADF officer fined $1000 for having female guest in hotel quarantine room

A serving officer of the Australian Defence Force has been fined after he was caught with a female guest in his room while in mandatory hotel quarantine in Sydney overnight.

NSW Police said in a statement tonight ADF officers had been conducting checks at the hotel on Hickson Rd in Sydney about 12.45am when they heard a female’s voice in the room of the male ADF member. The ADF officer was in hotel quarantine after returning from an overseas deployment.

After ADF officers inquired into the incident the woman was escorted out of the hotel quarantine area and police were called.

After extensive inquiries by police, the man, 26, and woman, 53, who was the man’s guest, were both fined $1000 for fail to comply with noticed direction in relation to Section 7/8/9 – COVID-19.

The woman was directed to check out of the hotel immediately, and undergo a COVID-19 test before isolating at her home in Hornsby.

The man remains in hotel quarantine and the ADF are conducting inquiries.

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