AFL hub call would be tough for Betts

Carlton veteran and father-of-four Eddie Betts says it would be a difficult decision to enter an AFL ‘hub’ for an indefinite period of time.

Border restrictions mean Victorian clubs face the prospect of being sent to various hubs around the country in order to keep the 2020 season alive.

It comes amid concerns over Victoria’s COVID-19 spike as the AFL attempts to work within government coronavirus protocols, which are being regularly updated when deemed necessary.

“It would be (difficult to enter a hub), I’m not going to lie,” Betts told AFL 360.

“I’ve got four young kids at home and it would be tough just to pack up and leave, but the football club’s been fantastic.

“(CEO) Cain Liddle and (football boss) Brad Lloyd have kept the players’ and coaches’ partners (across everything) from day dot with what’s going on with the footy club.

“But it’s unknown and we don’t know what’s going to happen.

“It’s more than likely that we’re going to be in the hub, but I’ll respect anyone’s decision if they don’t want to play as well.”

On Tuesday, Richmond captain Trent Cotchin said there was a “genuine chance” some players would elect not to enter hubs.

Cotchin said players expecting babies or with young families or other personal issues might choose not to relocate.

West Coast, Fremantle, Adelaide and Port Adelaide were all sent to a temporary base in Queensland for early rounds of the season restart.

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