Americans abuse journalist and chant about fake news in latest anti-lockdown protest

President Donald Trump labelled all journalists as “fake news” in his latest explosive tweet, in which he also implies none of them deserve their jobs.

A prominent journalist filmed the abuse he copped during one of America’s many anti-lockdown protests.

Trump retweeted the clip, though not out of sympathy.

The president echoed the chant of protesters, writing in upper case and complete with an exclamation mark “FAKE NEWS IS NOT ESSENTIAL!”

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Kevin Vesey was recognised as a journalist at a Long Island anti-lockdown protest yesterday morning while he presented live on Facebook.

“You shouldn’t be here, you’re fake news,” a protester told Mr Vesey immediately he after he turned his camera on. “Go home, you’re fake news.”

“You are the enemy of the people!” another shouted.

“You’re fake news, we all know it. You’re disgusting, you’re the virus,” a woman said.

Others hurled out insults, while he was also sworn at and gestured at rudely.

Soon people took up the chant “Fake news is not essential”.

Mr Vesey can also be seen backing away in the video, his camera shaky as he moves, as protesters tried to intimidate him by ignoring social distancing guidelines and moving within 1.5-metres of him.

“I was practically chased by people who refused to wear masks in the middle of a pandemic,” Mr Vesey later said when reflecting on the incident.

It comes as 72 new cases of coronavirus have been linked to an anti-lockdown protest in Wisconsin.

Mr Vesey detailed the event in another tweet.

One tweet responded: “All of those people had a perfect opportunity to act like rational, reasonable adults in front of a news camera. They chose to act like petulant children instead. That’s nobody’s fault but their own.”

Another tweeted: “Ladies and gentlemen … I present the president of the United States … the Sociopath-in-Chief who’s egging on foul-mouthed, menacing violators of mask and distancing guidelines while harassing a reporter.”

It’s not the first time the President has endorsed anti-lockdown protesters.

Last month, he fired off tweets in all caps and exclamation marks, sparking a national response.

Many New Yorkers are holding Trump responsible for the thousands of COVID-19 deaths across the country.

A giant clock has been installed high above the iconic Times Square ticking up the number of deaths which its creator declares are directly caused by US President Donald Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic.

The so-called Trump Death Clock now displays almost 52,000 fatalities “due to POTUS inaction”.

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