As NT ease into stage three, health staff warn to remain cautious.

Co-director of infectious diseases at Royal Darwin Hospital (RDH) Dr Jane Davies is remains cautious, as corona virus restrictions set to ease further this Friday.


As the Northern Territory prepares to move into stage three of easing restrictions, Territorians will be permitted to travel into most remote communities, drink at the pub without a meal or get a tattoo.

Dr Davies warns “This is not a time for relaxing,”.

“This is a time where all those things that we’re preparing and talking about in the last three or four months, that’s when they’re going to be tested and we need to maintain that vigilance around social distancing and not going to work when you’re sick. It’s far from over.” Dr Davies said.

The only place in Australia yet to record a COVID-19 death, there are no active cases of the virus, no community transmission and only one patient in the NT was sent to the ICU.

In contrast to other Australian purviews, everybody determined to have COVID-19 in the Territory was admitted to emergency clinic and stayed under the watchful eye of health authorities until they returned two negative COVID-19 tests inside 24 hours.

Not even the patients with the mildest side effects of the infection were permitted home to recuperate.





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