Ashli Babbitt believed Trump “worth dying for”

The death of a California woman, who was shot at the Capitol amid violent pro-Trump protests, “was an execution” but she believed the outgoing president was “worth dying for”, her best friend has claimed.

Ashli Babbitt, 35, was seen in graphic video footage being shot in the chest by cops after trying to climb through a broken window and enter the House chamber during the mayhem inside the Capitol on Wednesday.

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Now, her heartbroken friend Jack Feeley, a fellow air force Veteran, has paid tribute to the 35-year-old, describing her as a “true American” who would have been “furious” to have gone down without a fight.

Describing his mood as “enraged,” Jack told The Sun: “I think she absolutely thought this goal was worth laying down her life for.

“She may have laid down her rifle, but she was still willing to lay down her life for her country and what she strongly believed in.

“I’m positive she’d be furious going down without a fight. That was an execution.

“I wish she was still here, but I’m really proud of her for being there.

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“She wasn’t just passionate about Trump, she was the strongest advocate I knew about making things right and fair.

“All she wanted was the end to corruption and the terrible things happening all the way from the top of government down to her local city officials.

“I know her and she would have wanted to stand tall.

“The latest video released shows the shooter. She barely made it through that window before being taken down.

“[It] breaks my heart to know millions of people watched my friend be executed on live television.”

Devastated Jack added: “I’ll never get over this bullsh** done to her.”

Ashli, who served 14 years in the military, is one of four people who died after a night of chaos in Washington DC.

She was a high-level security official throughout her time in service.

The officer who shot at the Trump supporter has reportedly been placed on leave amid an investigation into her death.

Ashli, who later married Aaron Babbitt and moved back to California, was vocal about her support for the former president on Twitter and documented her trip to DC.

Her mother-in-law, Robin Babbitt, told The New York Post: “I’m numb. I’m devastated.

“Nobody from DC notified my son and we found out on TV.”

Jack insisted she is a “hero” and not a “terrorist or Nazi” which she has been branded on social media since her tragic death during the violent protests in Washington.

“She was a true American with every bone and fibre in her body,” he said. “I’ve rarely met anyone like her.

“There are those who become much more patriotic after putting on the uniform. That was me, [but] Ashli was super patriotic.

“I’m not sure if she was always a registered republican. But I’d say she was born with those ideals engraved in her.

“She was one of the most intelligent women I’ve known. And she always stood out to me because she wouldn’t just fly off the handle with opinion – she always did so much research.

“It was crazy. She would hardly ever talk about something she couldn’t crush you in an argument about. It was pretty cool.

“She was so incredibly headstrong and dedicated, she threw 115 per cent of herself into whatever she was doing.

“I mean she did her homework more than anyone I’ve ever known even about low-level and local officials. It always amazed me what the heck she found the time.”

Jack met Ashli in Maryland where she was living with her ex-husband, Timothy McEntee, on post active duty taking college classes together.

He said she helped him study and the pair stayed up late at night at her house after the local library closed.

“She was my best friend for several years. We were AF vets together, schoolmates together afterwards at college, and she was one of my favourite people,” he said.

“She helped me through some very difficult times after I got out of the service,” he said.

“But she was so insistent that you should never care about what others thought of you. Ever.

“She was so proud of who she was and what she was doing, no matter what it was, that it made me wanna be proud too. I always wanted to feel the way Ash did.”

It comes as the Babbitt’s uncle told of his shock and heartbreak at the death – saying his family were too grief-stricken to watch the graphic footage of the shooting.

It was also revealed that Babbitt had been hit with a slew of legal issues before her death including a restraining order filed against her.

This post originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission

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