#BlackLivesMatter protests exploited by looters, rioters in New York

While protests against police violence and systemic racism spurred by the police involved deaths of African-Americans continue across the United States, some are capitalising on the opportunity.

Dozens of people have been caught on camera looting from stores, smashing windows and taking off with stolen property in New York City, even as the family of George Floyd calls for calm and peaceful protests.

“I understand y’all are upset. But I doubt y’all are half as upset as I am,” George Floyd’s brother Terrence said.

“So if I’m not over here wilding out, if I’m not over here blowing up stuff, if I’m not over here messing with my community, then what are y’all doing? Y’all doing nothing, but that’s not going to bring my brother back at all.”

“Let’s switch it up, y’all, let’s switch it up, and do this peacefully, please,” he said, adding that his brother “would not want y’all to be doing this”.

Photos from Manhattan have shown the chaos unfolding in America’s most populous city.

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