Broome man hurt in crocodile attack

A man who was attacked by a crocodile and lived to tell the tale has called the experience the scariest thing in his life.

The man, who is from Broome and in his 30s, was spearfishing in the remote region of Pender Bay, Western Australia, when the crocodile struck and sunk its teeth into his face.

The man told 7 News the attack was the “scariest he’s experienced in his entire life”.

Photographs taken after the incident show blood streaming from a cut near the man’s left eye. He was taken to Broome hospital for treatment on Friday, 7 News reported.

Pender Bay is located in a remote part of the Dampier Peninsula, about 200km north of Broome in WA’s Kimberley Region. Saltwater crocodiles in the area can grow to six metres.

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