Channel 9 reporter Sophie Walsh attacked live on air in London

A Channel 9 reporter has been left shaken after a man allegedly armed with a screwdriver grabbed her during a live broadcast from London.

The network’s Europe Correspondent Sophie Walsh was broadcasting live to Adelaide at 6pm when she began to scream.

“Sorry, I just … I just had someone come up and try and … yeah. A man just came up and grabbed me. He’s not armed. A man just came up and grabbed me though,” she said.

The network reports the man shouted “allahu akbar” while making motions to stab her before he was chased down by Nine’s camera operator.

The man was arrested for threats to kill and for possessing a weapon, Nine reports.

On Twitter, Walsh wrote that she cameraman Jason Conduit “chased him down armed with a light stand and got him arrested”.

In a statement, Nine said Walsh was “rattled by the encounter” but “unharmed”.

“The offender was very quickly apprehended by police and has since been charged. Nine News appreciates the enormous pressure our international correspondents are currently under and is offering Sophie all the support she needs.

“Sophie is grateful for the outpouring of support she has received from the public and wishes to reassure our viewers that she is safe and well.”

It comes less than 48 hours after an Australian crew from Channel 7’s Sunrise program were turned on by police while covering protests in Washington DC.

Seven News reporter Amelia Brace and camera operator Timothy Myers were giving a live update from outside the White House when they were shoved by heavily-armed police.

Brace was clubbed with a truncheon and Myers was struck with a riot shield.

Speaking on Sunrise this morning, Brace said they were both “worse for wear” today, admitting they were probably running on “adrenaline” in the wake of the attack.

“I can feel across the back of my shoulders where I got whacked by the baton, and we have these welts from the rubber bullets – it’s similar to if you got shot too closely by a paintball gun,” the reporter explained.

“We just are glad that the bullets were rubber and not real bullets – I would have panicked if I hadn’t realised that it was not a real bullet.”

The Australian embassy in Washington DC has reached out to the US State Department about the incident.

Australian Ambassador to the US Arthur Sinodinos said: “We are providing consular support to the Australian citizens involved and my team will continue to check on their wellbeing.”

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