Chief Health Officer warns this is ‘not like the first wave’

With the number of active cases in Victoria fast approaching 4000, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has warned this is “not like the first wave”.

“It tells us this is a really challenging epidemic curve to overcome. The challenge was always there. We knew that it was not like the first wave,” Prof Sutton told reporters.

“The numbers have remained stubbornly high, haven’t gone up significantly, haven’t gone down significantly in the last week,” he said.

“The challenges are in all of the outbreaks I have listed. I know people have talked about stage four and a broader lockdown, but the very places where we are seeing outbreaks, the very places where we are seeing transmission … these are the areas we need to focus on, and we shouldn’t pretend that a really broad shutdown of industry will address where we are seeing the transmission.

“We need to really focus on how to prevent transmission occurring in aged care.”

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Prof Sutton revealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in Victoria’s aged care sector today, confirming that of Victoria’s current COVID-19 cases, the following are linked to aged care facilities:

  • 74 linked to St Basil’s aged care home in Fawkner
  • 71 linked to Estia Health in Ardeer
  • 60 cases linked to Menarock Life aged care in Essendon
  • 40 cases linked to Estia Health in Heidelberg
  • 49 cases linked to Glendale aged care in Werribee
  • 23 linked to Baptcare Wyndham Lodge in Werribee
  • 22 cases linked to Regis Aged Care in Brighton

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Premier Daniel Andrews agreed with Prof Sutton, reiterating, “This is not like the first wave. It is also not like other second waves in other parts of the world. You know, every 10 minutes, the United States gets our daily cases. Every 10 minutes.

“So I am not saying that that means that we don’t have to work even harder and do even better here in Victoria, we absolutely do. But this second wave is more stubborn. And back to that point, it is all the little things. They will make a really big difference. But masks will make a big difference, we believe, as well. We will be out of this as soon as we possibly can.”

The Victorian Premier confirmed there are 357 new cases in Victoria today. Of those, more than 300 are still under investigation.

There have been five more deaths, including a woman in her 50s, a woman in her 60s, a woman in her 70s, a woman in her 80s and a man in his 80s have died.

The Premier told reporters: “We send our condolences and our best wishes to each of those families, this will be a very difficult and challenging time for them. They are in our thoughts and prayers.”

There are 229 Victorians in hospital and 42 of those are receiving intensive care, the Premier said.

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