Children found dead after being trapped in car for 5 hours on 32C day

Two young children have died after they found their way into their father’s car and became trapped inside for hours.

Teagan Dennis, 4, and her brother Ryan, 3, could not be revived after being found in the footwell of the vehicle in Tulsa, in the US state of Oklahoma, on Saturday.

Temperatures reached 32C in Tulsa that day and may have been far hotter inside the vehicle.

The children’s father, Dustin Lee Dennis, told police he had driven to a nearby convenience store with his children at about noon and then returned home, according to local TV station Fox 23.

The 31-year-old then fell asleep for about five hours and when he woke up he could not find his children, police stated.

After finding them both in the car, Mr Dennis moved them into the house and called paramedics who pronounced them dead.

Mr Dennis was initially charged with two counts of second-degree murder.

However, all charges were then dropped after video footage emerged from a neighbour’s home which showed the two children entering the car.

The footage showed that Teagan and Ryan got into the vehicle unassisted but never emerged.

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