Choking heat in WA, heavy rain in SA, NSW, Victoria

With choking heat in the west and significant rain in the east, Australia will be bookended by weird weather as it moves into the weekend.

Showers and thunderstorms are set to unfold in southern, central and eastern parts of the country toward the end of the week, with a “desert soaking” forecast Thursday through to Sunday across some of the country’s driest parts.

“This will result from a pool of cold air from the Southern Ocean a few kilometres above the surface, moving north and interacting with tropical moisture from the north,” Sky News Weathermeteorologist Tom Saunders explained.

“The best rain will fall across western and northern South Australia, and southwest Queensland, where around 20 to 50mm is likely to fall, up about two months’ worth of rain for these regions.”

It’s the kind of weather system Australians can expect in the coming months, Mr Saunders said, “as La Nina becomes established in the Pacific, a phase which brings abundant rain to much of Australia”.

South Australia and southern parts of Victoria can expect rain on Thursday, with as much as 25mm of steady rainfall predicted for parts of SA as a warm front develops across Australia’s south.

While there’ll be a few showers through the east, as that system continues to move up and across it could bring heavy rain and thunderstorms – as well the chance of flash flooding, damaging winds and dust storms – to central parts of the nation.

Sky News Weather meteorologist Rob Sharpe said that as the “system keeps tracking eastwards through the back-end of the weekend and into Monday, it’s going to run out of moisture a little bit”.

NSW and southern Queensland can, therefore, expect rainfall of 0 up to 20mm for the coming week.

Meanwhile, a hot, dry air mass will continue to impact northern Western Australia, much of which saw record winter heat in late August that’s persisted into September.

Maximums there today could be as much as 12C above normal across northern WA, with Meekatharra set to record its hottest day this early in the warming season since 1927.

Taking a look at how the week’s shaping up for our capital cities, and it’s mostly sunny in Sydney, with a top of 27C on Thursday before possible showers and a drop back to the mid-20s into the weekend.

Canberracan expect fog on Thursday morning and showers from Thursday through to Monday, with tops dipping below 20C on Friday and Sunday.

In Melbourne, where some COVID-19 restrictions have been eased, it’ll be a wet and cloudy weekend, with showers and a maximum of 16C on Thursday before temperatures rise to the mid-20s on Saturday and Sunday.

Hobartcan expect a mostly sunny end to the week, with showers easing on Thursday and temperatures in the low-20s on Saturday and Sunday.

From Thursday, it’ll be wet weather in Adelaide, with a top of 19C and before the mercury rises to 27C on Friday, dropping back to 23C on the weekend with a chance of rain through to Monday.

Over in Western Australia, and Perthwon’t see any chance of rain until Saturday, though it’ll be a mostly cool weekend with tops of 20C and 18C on Saturday and Sunday.

After a severe fire danger warning in Darwintoday and a scorching 35C, temperatures will remain in the low-to mid-30s in the weekend, with a 90 per cent chance of showers on Sunday.

And in Brisbane, rain could settle in from Friday, with tops of 26C and 25C through Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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