Cocaine Cassie Sainsbury reveals weight loss

Australian drug smuggler Cassie Sainsbury has revealed she plans on returning to Australia in a candid Instagram Live, in which she also showed off her sleek new physique.

Cassie, who looked noticeably fitter in the footage, seemed keen to show off her body and was happy to talk about it when asked by a fan.

“Exercise and diet. That’s what you need to do,” she said, in response to a query about her post-prison figure.

Sainsbury was jailed in April 2017 after anti-narcotics police received a tip-off that she was carrying 5.8kg of cocaine concealed inside headphones in her luggage in Bogota.

Cassie, who was 22 when she was sentenced, had been facing a sentence of more than 20 years in El Buen Pastor women’s prison for the crime. However her lawyer struck a plea deal that saw her sentenced to six years with an early release considered likely at the time.

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At the time she claimed she thought the packages were gifts for her wedding to then-fiance, Scott Bainbridge.

The relationship soured when Sainsbury was jailed and in that time the former personal trainer and sex worker began dating an inmate, 29-year-old Venezuelan, Joslianinyer Pico.

It is believed Pico is spending time behind bars for theft.

Sainsbury was released from prison around the same time about 4000 other prisoners were released due to overcrowding concerns in the prisons sparked by the coronavirus.

The 24-year-old, from Adelaide, was released four years early and said her and her new partner are ready for children.

She has been released on parole and as part of her conditions is required to remain in Colombia for another 26 months. She is currently living with Pico’s best friend until she is legally allowed to return to Australia.

In her Instagram Live Sainsbury made it clear she wanted to return home: “I’ll be coming back to Adelaide in two years,” she said.

“I miss my family and the beaches.”

But she also claimed she has “received a lot of horrible comments in the time since every thing came out”.

“Even up until this minute I receive horrible messages [and] I just have to ignore it.”

Sainsbury mentioned her life behind bars was “absolutely horrible” and said she saw first hand “the worst ways people treat each other”.

“I’ve seen people stabbed hundreds of times,’ she said.

“They had knives stuck into them. It’s absolutely horrible.

“I learnt a lot about myself, I learnt a lot about people … I’ve learnt how to analyse people better.”

She said she held no ill will towards her ex-fiancee Broadbridge, but was devastated when he told her he had given her “gorgeous” huskies, Eevee and Bella, away during her in time in jail.

“I loved my dogs, they were absolutely everything to me … I messaged him one day asking him how everything was and he told me he gave them away.

“It was absolutely horrible … I couldn’t believe it.”

In an interview with 60 Minutes last month, “Cocaine Cassie” admitted she attempted to take 5.8kg of cocaine in her suitcase out of Colombia because “I needed the money”.

“Obviously I accepted to come and do it. Because I needed the money. But it wasn’t exactly like I came here thinking ‘Yes, I’m going to go and smuggle drugs’. It wasn’t like that.

“There’s a lot of things that I regret about the situation I was in.

“It’s been three long years thinking about the time when I was going to be able to walk through this door.”

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