Coronavirus Australia live updates: Victoria’s most infectious cluster

An abattoir outbreak of 106 people remains Victoria’s bigger focus of COVID-19 infection after three new cases were linked to the cluster.

Three out of Victoria’s four new cases confirmed on Thursday were linked to the Melbourne meatworks.

The state’s coronavirus tally has increased by just one to 1581 after another three cases were reclassified – one moved to another state and another two dropped because of duplication.

There are now 86 active cases in Victoria – down from 97 on Wednesday.

Of those 10 people are hospitalised, including five in intensive care.

The Cedar Meats cluster in Brooklyn has become Victoria’s biggest cluster at 106.
The second biggest cluster in the state was of 75 people, a study from the Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity and the state health department revealed.
Victoria had 76 distinct genetic COVID-19 clusters by April 14.

The median size of the cluster was five people.
Researchers made the finding through genetic analysis of samples from 903 coronavirus patients, which was about 75 per cent of the state’s 1333 cases at the time.
Of the cases sampled, the majority (737) of people were part of a genomic cluster, with social venues, healthcare facilities and cruise ships among the sites where clusters were linked.


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