Coroner rules young model’s death wasn’t suspicious

The death of a young model in her Melbourne kitchen was not suspicious, a coroner has found.

Baillee Schneider was found at her Moonee Ponds home in June 2018 by her parents.

Her parents questioned the initial scenario presented about their daughter’s death and pushed for an investigation into whether a third-party was involved.

But the state’s deputy chief coroner Caitlin English accepted investigators had “not identified any suspicious circumstances” in relation to the death.

While there were “unusual aspects” to how the 25-year-old’s body was found, coronial investigators found it was unlikely an intruder was involved.

There was no sign of forced entry or a fight inside the house, according to police who attended the scene.

A toxicology report showed Ms Schneider was three times over the legal limit for driving and there were traces of cocaine in her blood.

“I am satisfied that Ms Schneider while affected by drugs, alcohol, prescription medication and cocaine, upset by relationship difficulties, made an impulsive decision to end her own life,” Ms English found on Tuesday.

At the time of her death, the part-time model and dental assistant was dating events promoter Antony Hampel.

She had split up with the 51-year-old because “their worlds were just too different”, the coroner was told.

Mr Hampel was at an event at the time of the young woman’s death.

He had previously been a witness into the death of his then girlfriend who died in 2010 after falling down a garbage chute.

The woman’s death was ruled an accident by the coroner in 2014.

Ms English extended her sympathies to Ms Schneider’s family.

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