COVIDSafe app performance issues were hidden at launch.

Tests conducted on the COVIDSafe app have revealed performance issues on iPhone’s, were hidden from the public when it was launched in April.


Using the COVIDSafe app downloads as a carrot by the Federal Government to lift restrictions, their own tests at the time had demonstrated that iPhones operating the software was limited in the apps effectiveness.

Records released by the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) uncovered the application’s capacity to communicate between two locked iPhones was evaluated as “poor” as of April 26, which implies at launch, its own tests proposed it logged experiences at a pace of 25 percent or lower.

Logging for unlocked or active iPhone-to-iPhone interactions recorded at 80-100 per cent, were rated as “excellent”.

The test outcomes seem to contradict remarks made by Minister for Government Services Stuart Robert at that point.

“To be effective, users should have the app running in the background when they are coming into contact with others,” he said in an explanation when the application was most readily accessible for download.

“Your telephone shouldn’t be opened for the application to work.”

COVIDSafe uses Bluetooth to transmit and record encrypted IDs from smartphones with the app that are within range.

The app has been updated five times so far, including improvements to Bluetooth performance on iOS, but it’s unclear how many Australians have run it.


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