Daniel Andrews warns restrictions could last longer

Victoria’s lockdown was meant to last for just six weeks, but nearly halfway through the restricted period, Premier Dan Andrews has warned it could drag on much longer.

When asked Sunday morning if the state was still “on track” for the lockdown to end in just over three weeks’ time, Mr Andrews conceded it seemed unlikely.

“Look, what I will say is these things change rapidly, but wow, have to say these numbers are far too high,” he told reporters.

“We are approaching the halfway mark. We’ve been clear that it would get worse before it got

better, but stability had to be achieved before we would start to see numbers fall.

“The fact of the matter is, I can’t tell you where we will be in another 3.5 weeks, but what I can confirm for every single Victorian, is that the data will drive the decisions.

“Public health experts will provide us with advice on what the next steps will be and we will be led by that advice. We have to be led by the data, the science and we’ve got to get this right.

“I’ve said a few times, that a day in this is like a month. I can’t predict where we will be tomorrow, let alone with any certainty, give you a sense of where we will be in another 3.5 weeks.”

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Mr Andrews said the only thing people could do to ensure the lockdown was as short as possible was to keep following the rules.

“We will get to the end of this faster if we continue to see the amazing effort that is so noticeable across the city, people wearing masks, traffic data that represents people being at home – all the other evidence that we gather that says that the vast majority of people are doing the right thing,” he said.

“We are deeply grateful to each and every one of you. It is making a difference. We’ve just got to go that extra bit to make sure that we are not just bringing stability, but that we are driving these numbers down, and going to work when sick or going out to the shops while you’re waiting for a test result, that is a big driver of this.”

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