Dannii Minogue reveals why she was able to skip hotel quarantine after returning from LA

Dannii Minogue has revealed the reason she was able to skip mandatory hotel quarantine after arriving back in Australia from Los Angeles last month.

The Masked Singer judge and her 10-year-old son Ethan were able to stay inside a private Gold Coast residence for the 14-day period after returning from the coronavirus-riddled US on July 13, sparking huge backlash over the “special treatment”.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Minogue, 48, explained that her crippling claustrophobia allowed her to receive a medical exemption from the Queensland government, and that she’d followed protocol to the letter.

“I wouldn‘t ask for a ‘celebrity’ treatment or to have anything special granted to,” she told the publication.

“I went by the book, I made sure my priority was keeping everyone safe – everyone.

“I took a lot of time to pull the whole thing together so that the Queensland Government were happy, the Queensland health officials were happy and that I’m happy. I added extra things into (the COVID-19 safe plan) so I know that I can sleep at night.”

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During her isolation period, Minogue was still subjected to the same rules as those in quarantining in a hotel – meaning nobody was allowed to come and go from the home, and she was reportedly tested for COVID-19 multiple times.

What Minogue was exempt from, however, was the mandatory $2800 bill for hotel accommodation that all returning travellers have to pay under current Queensland quarantine laws.

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There was widespread outrage over the exemption, which came after another Australian celebrity, Nicole Kidman, was granted permission to quarantine at her $6.5 million Southern Highlands property.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk brought an end to the Government footing the hotel quarantine bill mid-June, with a statement on the State Government’s website declaring it had spent a whopping $19 million accommodating international arrivals.

After finishing up her quarantine period, Minogue is now back in Melbourne ahead of tomorrow’s Masked Singer filming launch.

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