Derek Chauvin could receive $2.2 million pension despite charges over George Floyd’s death

The former Minneapolis police officer charged with murder over the death of George Floyd could receive almost A$2.2 million (US$1.5 million) in pension benefits in retirement, even if convicted of murder according to US media reports.

Derek Chauvin, 44, has been sacked from the force and charged with second degree murder after he was filmed kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes until he could no longer breathe, despite his protests.

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CNN claims that Minnesota, where the incident occurred, does not allow pensions for employee to be forfeited because of felony crimes related to their work.

The Minnesota Public Employees Retirement Association confirmed to CNN Chauvin would remain eligible to file for his pension once he reached 50 – though it did not specify the amount he would get.

Chauvin had more than a dozen misconduct complaints against him before he put his knee on George Floyd’s neck

The association said employees remain eligible for future benefits even if their contract is terminated.

“Neither our board nor our staff have the discretion to increase, decrease, deny or revoke benefits,” a spokeswoman told CNN. “Any changes to current law would need to be done through the legislative process.”

Chauvin’s lawyer declined to comment on the issue.

It’s been reported Chauvin could be eligible for around A$73,000 (US$50,000) a year if he started receiving benefits at age 55 according to the network’s analysis taking his tenure and pension data into account.

Four of the police present at Floyd’s death are facing charges. Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng were rookie cops, but Tou Thou could also be eligible for pension payments.

Thomas Lane was reportedly released on bail after raising $750,000 through crowd-funding, local US media reported.

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