Doctors stunned after finding 61cm charger in man’s bladder

Doctors in Assam, India were left baffled after finding a 61cm phone charger inside a man’s bladder.

X-ray scans showed the entangled lead inside an unnamed patient’s bladder.

The 30-year-old – who is said to have a ‘history of accidental ingestion of headphones’ – visited the doctors after complaining of abdominal pain last week.

One of the doctors on his team, consultant surgeon Dr Walliul Islam told The Hindu the man had initially lied and said he had ingested a headphone chord.

He was then given a two-day course of laxatives in a bid to alleviate the stomach pain before doctors performed a small incision into his gastrointestinal track, however the surgeons were unable to locate the chord.

It wasn’t until a secondary X-ray conducted in the operation theatre revealed the obstruction was actually a charging chord that had found its way into the man’s bladder.

Dr Islam said that had the patient initially told him the truth, the surgery could have been avoided altogether.

“The cord could have been extracted via the penile urethra through which he had inserted [it],” he said. Doctors believe it had been inserted for “sexual gratification”.

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The operation took a team of five medics 45 minutes to remove the lead, with Dr Islam admitting he had never seen anything like this in his 25-year career.

“Some people do things for sexual gratification, but this man took things a little too far,” he said.

The man spent three days recovering in hospital before he was released home.

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