Esports players on par with elite athletes when it comes to mental toughness.

A study conducted by the Queensland University of Technology, has found that Esports contenders need to have the equivalent mental sturdiness and stress-adapting forms as tip top competitors to prevail in the gaming scene.


By incorporating resources into an Esport athlete’s preparation regime that are usually only utilised by traditional mainstream sports, It is trusted the discoveries will assist top level gamers in Australia reach their full potential.

Researcher Dylan Poulus said he passed judgment on a player’s. psychological durability through a progression of questions deliberately chosen from four distinct games brain research overviews.

Mr Poulus explained, “We have young people making millions of dollars, with millions of people watching them and there’s millions of people playing these games and we don’t know what determines player A from being better than player B”

“We really want to know what’s happening in the mind of these athletes that’s causing player A to be better than player B.”

“Their mental tough scores are high, they’re playing better.”

The QUT study has hopes that Esports athletes would reach another level with the benefit of utilising resources used by traditional sports like psychologists, dietitians and strength and conditioning coaches.

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