Flint department store assault: Man bashed for alleged racial slur

Disturbing video footage has been posted online of a white man being brutally bashed inside a department store for allegedly using a racial slur while talking on the phone.

The unverified footage, said to be from Flint, Michigan, appears to have been originally posted to Facebook on Monday by a rapper called FT Quay.

“This not the whole video but Me and bro in the mall n sh*t and he ask this man otp did this shirt look to little he told him yea and kept talking on the phone then mumbled talking bout sum ‘no one just sum n*****’ he thought we ain’t hear em because his mask was on #blackpower,” he wrote.

He added a link to his YouTube channel, asking people to “support for full video”.

The video went viral after being shared by controversial activist Tariq Nasheed.

“A man at a store in #Flint allegedly referred to a Black man in the store as a ‘n*****’ while talking on the #phone,” Mr Nasheed wrote.

“The Black man overheard him, then things went left. #CleanUpOnAisle3 #Ogun #NoAntiBlackRacism”

The 18-second video, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times since yesterday, does not show the victim using any racial slurs.

The man is seen standing looking at a clothing display wearing a face mask.

The attacker, wearing jeans and a black singlet, approaches from behind and coward punches him in the side of the head.

The man falls to the ground and holds out his hand pleading as the attacker looms over him.

“Don’t touch me, n****,” the attacker says as he punches the man in the face again.

The victim crawls along the ground saying “I’m sorry”, before being punched in the face for a third time.

Social media users urged the Flint Police Department to investigate the video.

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