Fly becomes viral star of vice presidential debate

This is where we are right now. Flies.

A mundane moment in the US vice presidential debate has caused a serious meltdown on social media. During the debate between Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence, a housefly landed on Mr Pence’s head, and for whatever reason, people are absolutely losing their minds about it.

And I mean losing their minds.

On Twitter, the hashtag #flygate is trending, as are the words “fly”, “the fly” and “flies”.

Within minutes of the debate ending, a quick-fingered web user had already set up a Twitter account claiming to be the fly itself. The account, FlyOnMikePence, has posted a number of tweets and gathered almost 7000 followers, joking it needed to quarantine after landing on Pence’s hair. It also said it landed on Pence because flies love things that are “dead on the inside”.

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Some other jokes included theories that flies landing on candidates during debates are an omen for who will lose the election.

Others said it was a sign that “truth” would prevail over “flies”.

Shortly after the debate ended, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden shared a photo of himself with a flyswatter that’s attracted more than 460,000 likes.

The Democratic Party also quickly set up a voter registration site under the URL. And at the official store you can now buy a branded flyswatter.

Ms Harris and Mr Pence sat at distance and were separated by two plexiglass barriers during their debate in Salt Lake City in Utah.

The debate drew considerably more attention than previous vice presidential debates. Mr Biden and US President Donald Trump, both in their 70s, are two of the oldest candidates in the history of the US elections.

If either Mr Biden, should he win, or Mr Trump, were to become unable to serve, Ms Harris and Mr Pence would be first in line to take over the role of president.

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