French Princess Hermine of Clermont-Tonnerre in coma after ‘serious’ car crash

A French royal is reportedly in a coma after a “serious” crash involving a motorcycle.

Princess Hermine of Clermont-Tonnerre was injured in the road accident on Monday, June 1, according to French news outlet La Voix du Nord.

The 54-year-old actor and renowned Parisian jetsetter is the daughter of Charles Henri, the 11th Duke of Clermont-Tonnerre, and Anne Moranville. While she is not officially a princess, Hermine, who is also an author, is dubbed one by the French press and signs her books as “Princesse Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre”.

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She has two children, Allegra and Calixte, from her decade-long marriage to French businessman Alastair Cuddeford which ended in 2009.

French film producer and friend Thierry Klemeniuk revealed news of the accident in a post on Facebook that has since been deleted.

“Let us all pray for our princess,” he said, according to La VDN.

In a separate post, event manager Viviane Zaniroli asked others to join her in prayer.

“For our Mimine, Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre, in a coma following a motorcycle accident, we think of Allegra and Calixte her children. My darling princess you are a warrior, fight,” she said.

Ms Zaniroli is the creator of the Princesses’ Rally – a women-only car rally “made for ladies looking for adventure”, which Hermine has raced multiple times including on a team with French journalist Valerie Benaim.

Hermine is also known for her love of Harley Davidson motorcycles.

French celebrity magazine Gala reported she is in a “worrying” state after the crash.

Hermine has written seven books including One day my Prince will come – but where, when and how? with the chapters “The ideal man doesn’t exist” and “Be patient … but not too patient”.

She described it in an interview with The Telegraph in 2001 as “like a guidebook” on “the lost art of romance”.

“In today’s world, gallantry seems to have died out,” she said. “Men have lost their charm and women have hardened up.”

At the time, her family owned three chateaux including the Chateau de Soudun.

She has appeared on Ina Talk Shows and in the French films Alliance cherche doigt (1997), Riches, belles, etc. (1998) and Shooting Stars (2002), according to IMDB.

She also competed on the reality television programs Fear Factor (2004) and La Ferme Celebrites (The Celebrities Farm) in Africa in 2010.

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