Frost, fog as suburbs shiver through sub zero degrees

Melbourne’s outer suburbs have dropped below zero degrees this morning as the city shivers through one of its coldest morning of the year.

In the CBD, it dropped to 2.6C just before 6.30am but it hit at -1.6C Coldstream in the city’s northeast about 4am, while it was -1C in Avalon and Cerberus.

In the west, Laverton also reached sub zero with -0.5C recorded just after 5am, while in the east Scoresby hit -0.2C.

The coldest part of the state was in the alpine areas with Mt Hotham reaching -5.5C and Omeo -3.6C, while Warragul hit -2.7C.

A severe frost warning was issued for the entire state and there is a road weather alert for reduced visibility due to fog.

Weather bureau duty forecaster Christie Johnson said there would likely be frost patches in city suburbs where it dipped below zero.

“Most of the fog will be in the outer east, Yarra Valley, Gippsland and the northeast of the state,” she said.

The State Emergency Service urged drivers to reduce speed, turn on their headlights and leave a greater distance between the car in front.

The chilly mornings are likely to continue this week with the high pressure system responsible for the clear overnight skies not going anywhere.

“It’s not quite as cold tomorrow; we’ll see the wind picking up from the north so that keeps the temperature up a bit,” Ms Johnson said.

“It will still be cool and foggy in the east but over central and western Victoria it won’t be as cold.”

Melbourne is heading for a sunny day with a top of 15C today.

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