Geelong teacher Daniel Zampatti asks for less jail

A teacher jailed for his sexual relationship with a student is asking to be let out of jail early.

Daniel Zampatti was granted leave to appeal his minimum 14-month prison sentence by the Court of Appeal on Thursday.

He was jailed in May for his actions while teaching at a Geelong private school — which included taking a student for a secret overnight stay at a five-star hotel while telling his wife he was on a skiing trip with other men.

Zampatti had known the victim, known as Angela in court proceedings, since she was eight.

He had been her teacher for one year in primary school as well as during high school.

Angela was 17 and he was 35 the first time he kissed her during a meeting about her schedule, telling her “at last”, court documents show.

Judge Mark Weinberg’s reasons for allowing leave to appeal reveal Angela and Zampatti did not have penetrative sex, but engaged in other sexual behaviour including in the shower together and in bed during the hotel stay.

He kissed her and touched her breasts on school grounds in empty classrooms, the reasons said.

“This was not an affair,” the sentencing judge had told Zampatti. “This was not an equal relationship.”

“They are indecent acts of a child under your care, supervision or authority.”

When Zampatti’s wife cottoned on to what he had been up to, she left him and told the school principal about the teacher-student relationship, exposing the what had happened to Angela’s parents.

But, rather than taking responsibility, Zampatti wrote her parents a letter claiming when he initiated the sick romance by kissing her, paying for a five-star hotel for them, and feeling her up on school grounds he “always had her best interests at heart”.

Two years later Angela went to the police.

Zampatti pleaded guilty to 10 charges of an indecent act with a 17-year-old under his care.

His lawyer had originally asked for a community corrections order.

He will argue the sentence of a maximum of two years and three months’ prison was “manifestly excessive”.

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