George Floyd protests: Trump supporter runs over protester

Disturbing footage has emerged of a Trump supporter driving into a protester in California as ongoing protests against police violence and systemic racism continue around the United States.

The footage was posted on Twitter and shows three occupants of a blue Jeep flying a USA flag and a Trump flag on the rear of the vehicle stop in front of protesters in the road before accelerating and running them over.

The incident in the footage appears to have occurred on Mooney Boulevard in Visalia, about 300km north of Los Angeles about 3.20pm Saturday, California time.

Two men in the vehicle were later identified on social media, based on the vehicle in the video being posted on the alleged driver’s Instagram, but has decided not to name them, pending confirmation from Visalia Police Department who have been contacted for further details.

Social media has become awash with footage and reports from the protests, and was even used by the President Donald Trump to announce the National Guard would be deployed.

Mr Trump made that announcement with the edict that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”, a quote from former Miami Police chief Walter Headley that was partially blamed for helping incite the 1968 Liberty City riots.

A woman has identified herself as the one hit on social media, saying she was crossing the street to return to her friends on the other side.

“They came here to taunt us,” the woman wrote of the Jeep occupants.

“I came out here to protest for black lives peacefully. I did not engage in anything violent. I was walking and they HIT ME. So if I’m in the road does that mean they have the right to hit me?” she asked a user who has since deleted their tweet.

“Traffic was at a stop. I was trying to get back to my group of friends. No matter what I was doing they f***ing hit me,” she said in a follow-up.

On the other side of the country, New York police were filmed ramming protesters with SUVs after they placed a barrier in front of their cars and began throwing objects like traffic cones and water bottles.

The incident reportedly took place in Brooklyn about 8pm Saturday, New York time.

In another protest in Salt Lake City, Utah a man was swarmed by protesters after he threatened them with a bow and arrow.

Footage of the incident was again posted to social media.

An Instagram Live video from the scene showed one man questioning police as the armed man continued threatening people with the bow and arrow.

“Who’s the n***a pulling a bow and arrow on us?” The man asked uniformed police officers in riot gear. “Is that you?”

The man armed with a bow and arrow wears an armband similar to the ones that undercover police in New York and LA have reportedly been using to identify one another.

While he continued to take aim at protesters, others flanked the man and attacked him, disarming him.

His car was then flipped over and set on fire.

America’s latest round of protests is being livestreamed on social media.

Online platforms have revolutionised the organisation and coverage of protest movements in the past decade, since first being harnessed in the Arab Spring revolutions at the start of the decade.

Social media have also made it easier for people to spread misinformation, and for law enforcement to track down people who have attended protests and been captured on footage posted online that hasn’t been anonymised, which could potentially limit social media’s potential for protest movements in the future.

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