Half-naked man violently attacks public bus in Adelaide

Adelaide commuters have been left shaken – and a driver left covered in glass – after a half-naked man violently attacked a public bus this morning.

Flinders Medical Centre nurse Zivile Useckaite captured the ordeal and shared it to social media, with the footage showing a man, dressed only in his underwear, picking up a road sign and beginning to smash the Flinders line bus’ windows before targeting a passing car.

The rampage occurred just after 7.30am at the intersection of Diagonal and Brighton roads in Glenelg East.

The man then appears at the front door of the bus, holding what appears to be a crate, and slams it into the glass.

In the video, Ms Useckaite can be heard saying, “Someone needs to call the police – we’re in danger.”

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“We need to get off. He’s breaking glass,” she said.

“Here he comes. Get down. Just get down. Get down.”

Windows can then be heard smashing in the background as Ms Useckaite screams, “Oh God”.

The footage then shows glass shards from the bus’ doors and windows shattered across the vehicle’s floor.

“Just get away from him,” someone from the front of the bus can be heard saying, as the driver eventually manages to take off.

The bus driver was showered in glass from the broken window and passengers were left shaken.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the man had been detained by members of the public.

The 37-year-old, from Glenelg South, was arrested and taken by ambulance to Flinders Medical Centre for a mental assessment.

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