Homeless woman put up in 4-star hotel as part of virus response

As NSW emerged as a hotspot for the coronavirus there were growing concerns about how one of the state’s most vulnerable groups would be impacted.

The NSW government has been praised for the “wonderful” decision to move people experiencing homelessness into hotels across the state in order to keep them safe during the pandemic.

Kerry Anne spoke to to Nine about what it was like to be put up in a four-star hotel in the Sydney CBD after years of sleeping rough.

The government program was implemented in order to allow people like Kerry Anne safe spaces to socially distance.

“It’s lovely and very nice, we’re very lucky people,” she said.

“I’ve enjoyed being on my own, thinking my own thoughts and concentrating on myself.”

Picture: Nine

Kerry Anne said she is enjoying the luxuries that come with having a place of your own to stay at.

“I’m going to be filling the bath up every day until I leave. That’s been one of the highlights, having a bath,” she said.

“It is a luxury and you take it for granted. You should never take anything for granted because you don’t know when you are going to be homeless.”

Since the program was launched thousands of homeless citizens have been settled into temporary accommodation, with the government now facing the challenge of trying to find more permanent solutions when they leave the hotels.

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