Independent Medical Examination Finds George Floyd Died Of Asphyxiation

An examination appointed by George Floyd's family has discovered he passed on of suffocation because of neck and back pressure when a Minneapolis cop held his knee on Mr Floyd's neck for a few minutes, the family's lawyers state.


The post-mortem examination analysed found the pressure slice off blood to Mr Floyd’s cerebrum, and weight on his back made it difficult to inhale, lawyer Ben Crump said at a news meeting.

The family’s post-mortem examination contrasts from the official post-mortem examination as portrayed in a criminal grumbling against the official.

That dissection incorporated the impacts of being limited, alongside hidden medical problems and potential intoxicants in Mr Floyd’s framework, yet in addition said it discovered nothing “to help a finding of horrible asphyxia or strangulation”.

Mr Floyd, a Blackman who was in cuffs at that point, kicked the bucket after the white official disregarded spectator pleas to get off him as Mr Floyd’s cries “I can’t breathe.”

His passing, caught on record, started long stretches of fights in Minneapolis that have spread to urban communities around America.


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