Investigation after dad shown driving dangerously with kids in car

An investigation is underway after footage emerged showing a father doing a burn out with his screaming child in the back of the car.

The video, obtained by 7 News, shows the father driving erratically on a road in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

A young girl can be seen in the short video, as the dad drives along with the engine revving, before performing a burn out.

At one point in the video the driver turns and asks the child: “What are you doing?”.

The young girl appears to be screaming in the car.

Another video shows the same man riding a motorbike with his son on the front of the bike, with neither the father or his son wearing helmets, according to the report.

Police have told they are “appalled” by the footage and will be launching an investigation.

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The man in the video has defended himself on social media, saying “everything’s on private roads or property”.

“Even if we put it into a stobie (telegraph pole) at the speed we were going I doubt the airbags would have went off,” the man said.

The man also claimed the footage was filmed some time ago.

A spokesperson from SA Police told they’ve been made aware of the video and will be investigating.

“The manner of this driving appears to be reckless and extremely dangerous. Police are also appalled that a young child was in the car at the time of this irresponsible and dangerous stunt,” the spokesperson said.

“Police are hopeful that someone will recognise the driver by his social media account, vehicle or tattoos and contact police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”

“Anyone who witnesses dangerous behaviour on our roads is encouraged to report it to the police at the time on 131 444.”

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