Karl Stefanovic grills Health Minister over pub rule after BLM protests

TODAY host Karl Stefanovic has grilled the Health Minister Greg Hunt about ongoing restrictions on pubs after tens of thousands attended Black Lives Matter protests.

Stefanovic said despite the risk posed by protests, which were attended by tens of thousands of people around the country last weekend, no community transmission of coronavirus had been observed, and only three cases linked to the protests have emerged.

“Here is the thing though Greg, and you can argue against, and I’m sure you will and you are most welcome to, if you have 30,000 people in a protest in Sydney, there was no transmission, how can you not have more than 50 in a bloody pub?” Stefanovic asked during and interview with the Health Minister Mr Hunt this morning.

Mr Hunt said the protests had been a “lottery” without “control” and moving forward the states needed to continue to continue to impose those controls.

“What we are doing is opening up and we have been encouraging and working with the states to open up safely. We have the safeguards. The protests were a lottery,” he said.

“And they were an enormous risk; the mass gatherings, without control, continue to be an enormous risk.

“Whereas the opening up of the (stadiums), they have distancing, they have the names of everybody, they have the names of everybody, they have seated arrangements, these are the things that are keeping us safe.”

Mr Hunt said there were “double standards” during the Black Lives Matter protests, which is why the government opposed them.

“Australians have been great, we are getting our lives back and will continue to keep ahead of the world and continue to flatten the curve.”

Mr Hunt also said Australia would keep its international borders shut until next year, as countries around the world were experiencing an “acceleration” in cases of coronavirus.

“We are an island sanctuary,” Mr Hunt said.

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