Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker invoked dying words of George Floyd to attack Annastacia Palaszczuk

Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker has sparked outrage over “vile” comments that Labor claims “invoked the words of a dying man” to take a cheap shot at Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Appearing on Sky News last Thursday, Senator Stoker accused the Ms Palaszczuk of being the “knee on the throat” of local businesses.

The Bundaberg-based former lawyer appeared to invoke the murder of African-American man George Floyd at the hands of police, adding that the Queensland Premier was the reason that businesses “couldn’t breathe”.

“Here’s the thing that worries me most,” Senator Stoker said.

“And what worries me most is Premier Palaszczuk knows that she is absolutely choking our economy by having these borders shut.

“She is the knee on the throat of the businesses of Queensland stopping them breathing. Right?”.

In the Senate today, Labor asked Finance Minister Mathias Cormann a series of questions over whether he endorsed the statement in the current climate.

Northern Territory Labor Senator Malarndirri McCarthy said it was time for the Prime Minister to act.

“Scott Morrison needs to say whether he endorses his Senator’s abhorrent statement and if not, what he’s going to do about it?,” she said.

Labor Senator Murray Watt said the comments represented “a new low”.

“Senator Stoker’s words are gross and insensitive,” he told

“It’s no wonder the government is leaving so many people behind when it’s own senators think so little of human beings.”

Senator Stoker has previously courted controversy with a petition against the “transgender agenda”.

“If a grown man chooses to wear women’s clothing and change their name, we are generally content to live and let live,” she wrote.

“But that doesn’t mean we abandon truth.

“It doesn’t mean we abandon common sense or our understanding of basic biology.”

A spokesman for Senator Stoker said she would not be backing away from the comments and would issue a statement shortly.

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