Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg drops f-bomb in Senate

A Liberal Senator has been rebuked for dropping the f-bomb in the Senate today which was broadcast across the nation to anyone listening to it online.

Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg was halfway through a speech on the need to allow workers the freedom to choose their own superannuation fund today when he turned the air blue in the red chamber.

Reading from Royal Commission transcripts, Senator Bragg raised the case of Toll Holdings, where a truck driver called Paul Bracegirdle tried to pick a different super fund.

“He told the Royal Commission, that he was legally denied and told by the union official, ‘F**k off, no one cares Paul, go away’,’’ Senator Bragg said.

The colourful language prompted an immediate rebuke from the Senate’s Deputy President Sue Lines.

“Ah, Senator Bragg you need to withdraw that. There is a decision of the Senate that you cannot quote offensive language,’’ she said.

“It’s a Royal Commission,’’ he replied.

“Don’t argue with me. I’ve asked you to withdraw,’’ Senator Lines said.

Senator Bragg agreed to withdraw, going on to argue that superannuation remained “a very good idea that doesn’t actually work.”

“Is it going to reduce the burden on the public purse going forward? No,’’ he said.

“The idea is good. The execution is poor. It was designed by the unions for the unions.

“Taking away workers rights to choose their own super fund can only be for devious purposes.

“It’s just bizarre.”

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