London’s Downing St attacked after Black Lives Matter protests

Protesters were caught in clashes with UK police outside Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s home at 10 Downing St on Wednesday night after a day of peaceful protests in London.

The protest had been organised by the Black Lives Matter group in solidarity with demonstrations taking place across the US, sparked by the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer.

About 15,000 people attended the demonstration in central London on Wednesday and the UK’s Metropolitan Police showed solidarity with the protesters, taking a knee with the demonstrators outside of the Mr Johnson’s Downing St residence earlier in the day.

The crowd was joined by former member of boy band One Direction, Liam Payne, and Star Wars actor John Boyenga.

It comes as thousands of people were seen in London’s Hyde Park.

Astonishing video shows the massive support for the US protests in London.

The demonstration was mostly peaceful throughout the day but as the hours wore on some demonstrators got into scuffles with police and threw metal barriers towards the home of the Prime Minister.

Protesters could be heard screaming anti government slogans including “f**k Boris, f**k Trump,” according to The Sun.

Two people were arrested by the Metropolitan Police after the disturbance broke out.

Riot police were also called to Westminster after a separate incident near the Foreign Office.

Footage from the scene shows a melee breaking out as objects including a traffic cone are hurled through the air. A protester is wrestled to the ground during the incident.

A freelance journalist, Mattha Busby, told The Sun it was “unclear exactly” what started the scuffle.

“Police appeared to attempt to take a man from the crowd and pandemonium ensued,” he said.

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