Man jailed for murdering girlfriend after brain surgery

Two days after Melbourne nurse Caitlin O’Brien told her boyfriend she feared he would kill her, he did.

Shea Dylan Sturt was jailed for 22 years today for stabbing and strangling the 31-year-old to death in their Gardenvale home last June, in the midst of a cannabis-induced psychotic episode.

Sturt, who was violent towards Ms O’Brien throughout their relationship, had been having delusions before the murder, believing he was Jesus and that his neighbours were worshipping Satan.

Justice Christopher Beale said Sturt was remorseful for his actions against Ms O’Brien who was recovering from brain surgery when she was killed.

After the murder, he went into the CBD and approached police saying: “I just killed my girlfriend.”

He was later diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder and pleaded guilty to murder.


Before her death, Ms O’Brien reportedly told her violent and increasingly erratic boyfriend she was scared, court documents reveal.

“Of what?” Sturt asked.

“Of you murdering me,” the woman replied.

Sturt went into the couple’s bedroom talking about the end of the world and began pulling Ms O’Brien’s pants off to see if he was still attracted to her.

She fought back and armed herself with a pair of scissors but Sturt turned them against her.

He held a pillow over her face until she lost consciousness.

Sturt then tied a pair of tracksuit pants around Ms O’Brien’s neck to make sure she was dead.

He’ll be eligible for parole after serving 16 years.

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