Manchester bank robber nabbed after leaving receipt behind

Bumbling wannabe thief Daniel Healey will spend 12 months behind bars after spectacularly botching a bank robbery.

The 42-year-old attempted to rob a Santander bank branch in Manchester in the UK in March last year by passing staff a threatening note.

“Don’t Panic! Put all bank notes in the bag! I promise if you do as I say no one will get hurt. Don’t be a hero – I’m sorry to do this,” the note read, according to The Mirror.

However, he fled the scene when employees set off an alarm – but forgot to take the scribbled message with him.

It turned out to have been written on the back of a receipt from a nearby health food store, which included a time and date of purchase.

Police were then able to confirm he had visited the premises shortly before the failed robbery with the help of CCTV footage.

Officers also found Mr Healey’s fingerprints on a shopping bag he had told workers to fill with cash and then left as he escaped.

His lawyer Mark Friend said Mr Healey was struggling with the breakdown of a relationship and had begun to rack up gambling debts, which caused him to turn to loan sharks.

“The defendant recognised they are not people to whom you can say no and he came to behave in this way following threatening phone calls from them,” Mr Friend said, according to the Daily Mail.

“The defendant has no previous convictions for similar offences and pleaded guilty. I urge the court to deal with this case with an element of mercy and to see the light at the end of the tunnel in this defendant’s life.”

But sentencing Judge Alan Conrad QC said “using threats in order to steal” was “always serious and places victims in fear”, despite the offender’s personal circumstances.

He also slammed the failed theft.

“Your incompetence when you turned to such crime was clear because the evidence you left behind was overwhelming. This was not a successful robbery,” he said, according to the publication.

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