Master Builders Australia chief executive officer, Denita Wawn, answers your questions

Master Builders Australia has welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of the HomeBuilder scheme today, saying it will be a massive relief to thousands of home builders and tradies around the country.

CEO Denita Wawn said the scheme was well targeted and should maximise the number of builders, tradies, workers, apprentices and households that will benefit,

“HomeBuilder will be a lifeline for an industry facing a valley of death in the coming months. It will mean more new homes, more small businesses and jobs are protected and provide a stronger bridge to economic recovery for our country,” she said.

“Based on the government’s estimated 27,000 grants, we think the scheme will be used for $10 billion in building activity, supporting the viability of 368,000 small builders and tradies – the businesses which employ 800,000 people in communities around Australia.

“Supporting the home building industry is essential to strengthening the economy and helping Australia recover from the impacts of the pandemic.”

Ms Wawn said residential building activity gave back more than double to the communities that sustain it with every $1 invested in home building activity providing $3 to the wider economy.

“This means that HomeBuilder will provide a boost for thousands of tradies; the cafes, pubs, and ute dealerships that they frequent; as well as the thousands of building supply businesses that depend on the industry,” she said.

“The scheme is well targeted and should maximise the number of builders, tradies, workers, apprentices and households that will benefit.”

The eligibility criteria meant that the vast majority of Australians would be able to access the scheme, given the fact that more than 80 per cent of households had income of $200,000 or less, Ms Wawn said.

“The scheme is structured to get building activity going immediately and to provide safeguards around quality and consumer protection,” she said.

“Making HomeBuilder grants accessible through state and territory channels should streamline its rollout and building work must be carried out by a registered or licensed builder.”

Ms Wawn will be online at noon today (AEST) to answer your questions in an hour-long Q&A.

You can ask your questions in advance in the comments below or during the session.

Due to the number of questions, Ms Wawn may not be able to answer everyone.

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