Matt Preston, Marion Grasby lead the Taste Dinner Revolution Cookalong

It’s a celebrity cook-in like no other – and YOU get to cook, and eat, along with the stars.

In an extraordinary and unique Australia-wide event, foodie faves Matt Preston and Marion Grasby are going head-to-head recruiting teams of thousands of everyday Aussies to join their Taste Dinner Revolution Cookalong.

It’s a virtual get-together, hosted live on by TV’s Gorgi Coghlan, in which participants sign up to Team Marion or Team Matt and get a “secret” list of ingredients to buy ahead of the big day on Wednesday, June 17.

But there’s a catch: diners will only be told what they are cooking when they log on to their team leader’s special session and start the cookalong.

Best of all, participants all over Australia then get to eat together (but apart) while sharing their meals and feedback on social media.

While the exact menu is a secret for now, the stars are stressing one ingredient will be mandatory: fun.

Preston said now, more than ever, Australians need to bring joy back into dinner time.

“Cooking has got to be more than directive, it’s got to be fun as well. Whether you cook with Marion or me you’ll have a great laugh, you’ll hear some good stories, we’ll have a very nice 30 minutes in the kitchen cooking,” he said.

Heading the other team, the Marion’s Kitchen creator is looking forward to showing Aussies how easy making dinner can be.

“For me the important thing about this cookalong is to really have fun and to let people know that there are ways that we can take a few shortcuts and tips so that you can enjoy it and not be stressed out to get dinner on the table,” Grasby said.

As cookalong host, The Project’s Coghlan won’t be wielding pots and pans on the night but will certainly be taking notes from the experts.

An avid foodie – in addition to her TV career she runs The Provincial Hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, with her husband – she can’t wait to see what the team leaders have in store.

“I’m a big fan of both and I won’t be surprised if they go in different directions,” she said.

“Marion is a person that we associated with the first success of MasterChef in this country. She was so gentle and passionate and talented.

“We’ve followed Matt’s career for a long time. I love his recipes in delicious. and in Taste.” editor-in-chief Brodee Myers said she hoped the cookalong will be the beginning of a revolution in Australians’ approach to dinner time, supported by a massive Taste campaign in July.

“All of us at can’t wait to serve up Australia’s new approach to dinner and prove once and for all dinner can be fast, fun and so easy – even when you’re red-lighting and running on empty,” she said.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to do it than a massive nationwide cookalong. I know everyone will be blown away at the genius dishes Matt and Marion have cooked up”.


The Taste Dinner Revolution Cookalong is live and free on starting 7.30pm AEST on Wednesday, June 17.

Recipes will cater to all types: families, singles, omnivores and vegetarians.

To take part, register now at by midnight June 14.

Plus you have the chance to win dinner groceries for a year valued at $15,000 from Coles. To win, enter at registration by June 14.

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