Melbourne woman threatens to sue police who questioned her for not wearing mask

A woman in Melbourne has filmed herself threatening to sue police officers who questioned her about why she wasn’t wearing a mask in public.

After refusing to reveal her identity, the cops were forced to take the woman to the police station in a bid to identify her.

In the video, released yesterday, the woman tells the officers she didn’t consent to being taken to the police station, and threatens to sue them for “$60,000 each”.

The wearing of masks is mandatory in public for residents in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire.

It comes as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced 357 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday, and five deaths – all of which were Victorians over the age of 60.

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The video, which was posted on Facebook and has since been taken down, shows the woman arguing with two Victorian police officers after they stopped her and a male friend for not wearing masks.

When one of the officers told her they would be taking her to the police station, the threats started coming hard and fast.

“I do not consent to that and I will be suing you personally, and you personally … you will both be personally sued for $60,000 each,” the woman told the officers.

“Do you want to continue?”

“Yes,” both officers replied without hesitation.

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The video then shows the woman, dubbed a “Karen” on social media, start insulting the officers.

“I’m just a citizen walking around. Your job is to make us feel safe,” she said in her bizarre rant. “I can see you’re both carrying guns. So now I’m fearing for my life.”

In the background as she speaks, everyone walking past can be seen wearing a mask.

Victoria Police said it couldn’t comment on individual cases.

She’s not the only person against Melbourne’s new compulsory mask-wearing — the Victorian government has faced significant backlash.

Numerous clips have emerged of Victorians giving the police lip about the new mask rules.

Earlier this week, News Corp’s NewsWire reported on anti-maskers vandalising Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt’s Melbourne office.

“I have a condition that prevents me wearing a mask. It’s called intelligence,” one person wrote.

Over in the US, a debate about masks has ignited in much greater intensity, with Americans associating masks as being a symbol of the left of politics.

Dan Andrews is calling for unity in this time.

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