Minneapolis Police Officers sacked over the death of George Floyd.

In the United States, 4 police officers were fired after a chilling video posted online showing the arrest of George Floyd who passed away with an Officer’s knee on his neck.

One of the Sacked Officer restraining George Floyd
One of the Sacked Officer restraining George Floyd

Bystanders were pleading with the officers to check George’s pulse while he laid motionless after pleas by Mr Floyd of not being able to breathe appear to fall on deaf ears which ultimately led to his passing.

An announcement of their sacking was made during a press conference by Police Chief Medaria Arradondo, the Police Officers were not named.

Of their firings, Mayor Jacob Frey said “it was the right decision of the city, we’ve stated our values and ultimately we need to live by them.

Mr Floyd can be heard “Please man, I can’t breathe, I cannot breathe. I cannot breathe”, in footage circulating on social media George repeatedly pleads with the officer to get up.


In the distressing video, bystanders desperately urged the Officers to check on Mr Floyd’s, as he slipped into unconsciousness while the Officer continued to restrain him down with a knee in the neck.

Issued by the Minnesota’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, a Statement declared that the Bureau was investigating the incident and would present their findings without recommendation to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office for review.

Ben Crump an Attorney representing Mr Floyds family told the media “We will seek justice for the family of George Floyd, as we demand answers from the [Minneapolis] Police Department,”

“How many ‘white black’ deaths will it take until the racial profiling and undervaluing of black lives by police finally ends?”

in response to Mr Floyds, a protest was held at the intersection where George passed away on Tuesday evening.


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