Mountain climber left clinging to cliff face after Blue Mountains fall

A man has spent a perilous night in icy conditions clinging onto a one metre wide rock ledge, after falling 40 metres while rock climbing with friends in the Blue Mountains yesterday.

The man, in his 50s, who’d been climbing in the National Park with a group of three friends, fell at about 4pm and became stranded on the ledge.

NSW Police told they attempted to rescue the man yesterday after he fell at about 4pm, but were hampered by poor vision. The man, who is believed to have multiple fractures, spent the night sheltering in a cave on the cliff face with rescuers and one of his companions.

Last night ambulance crews waited for the man above at Point Pilcher Lookout in Medlow Bath as police helicopters tried to winch him to safety, but the rescue was abandoned until first light.

Police told they are working to try and rescue the man again this morning.

Overnight, the rescue personnel and one of the man’s companions sheltered with him in a cave on the cliff face. Today rescuers plan to lower the injured climber to the valley floor before a helicopter can winch him to safety.

More to come.

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