Mum questioned as Queensland Police probe baby’s death at Annerley home

The mother of a baby girl found dead at a home in Brisbane’s inner south last month has been questioned by police, who believe the death was “not natural”.

The development comes as CCTV footage of the child’s last hours alive was released by Queensland Police.

The woman called emergency services to a unit complex on King Street at Annerley after 8am on November 16. The five-month-old baby girl was found unconscious and not breathing.

The 32-year-old mother was questioned on Sunday at the Morningside police station before she was released without charge.

Detective Inspector Rod Watts said the baby girl was last seen alive at the nearby Buranda Shopping Centre the day before her death.

CCTV footage released by police showed the girl in a baby carrier attached to the front of the woman.

The pair walk out of the centre before they stop and appear to wait for a man, who emerges a short time later carrying groceries.

Inspector Watts said the baby appeared “happy and healthy” while at the complex about 5pm on November 15, and “something had happened” leading to her death between then and 8am the next day.

He said he was “not prepared to go into” details about the medical evidence, but the cause of death was “undetermined” and police were treating it as suspicious.

“Something has happened to that child which is suspicious,” he told reporters on Sunday.

“That child was happy and healthy one afternoon and the next day the child was deceased at home … this is not a natural death.”

Investigators launched a homicide appeal on Sunday and urged anyone with information, including neighbours or relatives, to come forward.

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