North Korea explosion video | Country sends message as tensions with Seoul and Washington escalate

North Korean state television has broadcast footage of the demolition of the inter-Korean-liaison office in Kaesung in its territory.

State broadcaster KRT played the footage of Tuesday’s destruction of several offices — a move which further raised tensions between the two rival countries.

The offices, which were set up in 2018, were empty at the time of destruction.

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The site had been effectively abandoned after relations became strained between the two countries.

North Korea said Wednesday it will redeploy troops to now-shuttered inter-Korean co-operation sites, reinstall guard posts and resume military exercises at frontline areas, nullifying the tension-reducing deals reached with South Korea just two years ago.

It will also begin flying balloons filled with propaganda toward its fierce rival South Korea.

These steps would end the September 2018 agreements reached between the Koreas aimed at lowering military tensions at border areas.

South Korea’s military expressed regret over the North Korean announcement and warned that the North will face unspecified consequences if it violates the 2018 deals.

Major General Jeon Dong Jin at the Joint Chiefs of Staff told reporters that South Korea maintains military readiness and will strive to prevent military tensions from rising. Vice Unification Minister Suh Ho warned against destroying South Korean assets that remain at the two co-operation sites.

Under the 2018 agreements, both Koreas halted live-firing exercises, removed some landmines and destroyed guard posts along the world’s most heavily armed border.

Some experts argued the moves undermined South Korea’s security more than the North’s as Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal remained intact.

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