NRL coronavirus bubble to burst on Sunday

The NRL will relax some of the biosecurity measures for clubs’ players and staff from Sunday.

The league has announced “certain limitations” will remain in place which go beyond health guidelines for the public.

It is understood the development will allow players to visit cafes and restaurants, which had been prohibited for the past two months.

It is unclear what players will not be able to do under revised health rules.

ARL Commission chair Peter V’landys thanked clubs and players, as well as state and federal governments, for working collaboratively during the lockdown period.

“The level of sacrifice by players, officials and their families has been significant and has demonstrated the absolute commitment of all involved to protect their own health, the health of the game and that of the wider community,” he said.

“I am exceptionally proud of the players and how their conscientiousness and professionalism went to the highest level in this crisis.

“The Federal and state governments have provided support and guidance throughout this period and we have listened, and acted, according to their advice.”

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