NSW cop does white power symbol to camera

As protests against police brutality gain intensity around the globe, a NSW cop has been caught on camera flashing what appears to be a white power symbol.

The photo was posted to Twitter this morning, showing a cop directly looking into the camera and creating a “W” and “P” with his fingers, which has become a white supremacy symbol standing for white power.

Although the symbol also means “okay” or “all is well” universally, it was recently popularised to become a symbol of the far right.

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It comes as Aussies across the nation marched in solidarity with America’s Black Lives Matter protests, to put an end to institutionalised racism especially towards our indigenous peoples.

NSW Police denied that there was any hidden meaning behind the symbol.

“It means A-OK,” a spokesperson told news.com.au over the phone.

They told news.com.au they are looking into the matter.

It’s unclear whether the officer knew of the loaded meaning behind the gesture.

Social media users were concerned by the photo.

“It’s (the symbol) been misappropriated and is usually displayed upside down, but this guy knows exactly the point he’s getting across,” one person commented on the photo.

Others defended the gesture.


In recent years, touching your thumb and index finger to make a circle, with the remaining three fingers held outstretched, has come to mean something quite sinister.

Christchurch mass murderer Brenton Tarrant brought the symbol into the international spotlight when he smiled and flashed the sign to reporters at a court hearing on his case.

The gesture has become an extremist meme, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

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