P.M Morrison to warn economic recovery post-coronavirus will be riskier than the lockdown itself

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned the post-coronavirus recovery could take up to 5 years to get the Australian economy “out of ICU” following the COVID-19 pandemic, with vocational education, tradies and skilled workers the main focus

Speaking at the National Press Conference on Tuesday, the Prime Minister will push for National Cabinet to help reform the skills sector and overhaul the TAFE system by targeting Government spending on the number of places available to service industry needs.

The planned JobMaker scheme will see an overhaul the skill system as priority in order to stimulate job creation in the ever changing job market

Unveiled in the midst of a grim economic predictions the JobMaker principles will include an “outward-looking, open and sovereign trading economy”, supporting “an educated and highly-skilled workforce” correlate alongside modern and competitive manufacturing, resources and agricultural sectors.

Mr Morrison says companies will need to “get off the medication” of handouts like JobKeeper, declaring, “at some point you’ve got to get your economy out of ICU”.

“We must enable our businesses to earn our way out of this crisis. That means focusing on the things that can make our businesses go faster.”

The P.M’s blunt comments dash any hope that the Government will bow to pressure and extend the JobKeeper wage subsidy scheme to the workers who missed out on the $1,500 fortnightly payments.

Australia will also be put on notice that emerging from the coronavirus shutdown will be riskier than the lockdown itself.


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