Parents warned over return to schools

All students in NSW are expected to return to class on Monday and will be marked absent if they don’t.

Remote learning programs will be stopped so students have no option go back to class.

Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said students were expected to attend and “unexplained absences will be followed up”.

Students with health conditions can make special arrangements with their principal.

“But the general message is: school is open, students need to return, and those who aren’t there will be marked absent, with the usual processes to follow unexplained absences.” ” she said.

“It’s a normal school week from next week and they need to be attending. Rolls will be marked as normal and unexplained absences will be followed up.”

Students who don’t take dedicated school buses have been urged to walk or be dropped off at school.

Principals will be in charge of making sure pick-up and drop-off protocols, as well as recess and lunch rules, adhere to social distancing requirements.

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