People flock outside as different states ease lockdown restrictions

Today saw many states and territories begin the first stage of the Prime Minister’s three-part process to lift restrictions on outdoor and indoor gatherings and business operations.

Australians got to sit in pubs, cafes and restaurants for the first time in weeks after isolation and social-distancing measures kept the lid on infections and COVID-19 deaths.

Many hit the beach and local parks to catch up with family and friends, while others enjoyed eating out for the first time in months.

Here are some of the first things people did across the major cities after being stuck at home for weeks.

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Despite being granted a little more freedom, health authorities are still urging people to remain vigilant as the virus is still present in the community and could flare up as hot spots or small outbreaks.

“If we do the wrong things, we risk undoing all the gains that we’ve made so far,” President of the Australian Medical Association Dr Batone told the ABC television on Saturday.

“So, the message is, yes, appreciate all the efforts, appreciate the opportunity to release some of those measures, but let’s not have a party, let’s not go to town.”

He said people must still maintain social distance, cough etiquette, washing hands regularly and staying away from others if they are unwell.

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