Perth marches in a show of solidarity with U.S Protesters

Around 2,000 individuals accumulated in Perth's CBD on Monday evening for the first of a few Black Lives Matter fights arranged in Australia this week.


Coordinators said the protest was in solidarity with demonstrators in the United States and to recognize the treatment of Indigenous individuals in Australia.

Groups started filling the Forrest Chase shopping area from 5pm, holding bulletins and reciting “Black lives matter” and “no justice, no peace”.

Jasmine Martin, an African-American lady living in Perth for as long as three years, was among the first to address the group.

“I was not expecting this. This support, it humbles me. It allows me to know that the world is waking up,” she said.



“I want to thank you all for standing with us. This is history, this is Perth.”

The dissent is one of numerous over the world in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter development in the US after the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis




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